We are a diverse group. We started as and most of all fans of the game.

Why The Show?

After thorough consideration, a great deal of planning, and engaging all of the contacts who we knew would add value, we decided it was time. We’re working tirelessly to bring you the event that you want. There is so much that is great about the sport and the people around it that we only want to create the forum to help bring it all together.

We know that there is so much we want to do that we may not get to it all year one. But don’t worry, we’re in this for the long haul. As the sport continues to grow and evolve, so will we. We’ll keep it fresh, interesting, and fun while honoring the core of the game we all care so deeply about.

So come join us. Share your story. Help us build this community.

The Las Vegas Lacrosse Show Staff

Meet The Pros Joining Us